Blurbs, Blips, and Blunders – Coffee Highs &Tra La Guys

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Blurbs Blips and Blunders
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I Love Myself


It’s summer!!!! If you’re happy and ya know it, clap your hands. *clap. clap*


“If you want something from an audience, you give blood to their fantasies.  It’s the ultimate hustle.” – Marlon Brando.


So, quick career update!  I was in a staged reading for the ESPA Playwriting Festival.  I played “Sally” in a piece called “I Love Myself, the Musical” by Jaime Summers … I know musical right? I thought those were done for me too. Brought back memories of those hours in the studio with John Murelle, singing “I hate you, I love you, drop deadddd.” Anywho, for you visual folk, there’s a pic from rehearsal above 🙂 Oh hey- speaking of outstanding singing performances …. (this one’s for you, Costa):


I bought a coffee pot and for a few days, I suspected it was perhaps a magical crack machine (I mean, can you really trust a store called “Pay-Lot-Less?”) After my first few brews, I was off my rocker, feeling more than highly caffeinated. There was also the curious fact that when I went to empty the coffee grinds, there were none. Just a wet coffee filter. Hmmmm. On the day I decided to return it, I double checked the coffee I was using and realized I had not been using ground coffee at all; I had been using Folgers’ “instant coffee crystals.” Yeah, those bad boys go right to the blood stream.. and taste disgusting. So, uh, don’t do that. Oops!

PS – I am too embarrassed to put my actual most embarrassing story of the month on this Eblast, so if you’re curious, email me directly. Maybe we can barter blunder for blunder. Ohh geez.

And last but not least, to keep your own blunders at bay, here are my latest thoughts on The Greenroom Blog:  How To Be A Bookish Actor in Under 24 Hours.

Keepin’ it real; not red,



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