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So how bout them blizzards? Any stories involving sledding, hot cocoa, and/or snow down your pants are most welcome.


“I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.”
-Ellen Degeneres

I shot my first music video! Honestly, it was so much fun and I want to do more. The team was great (click here for the photo tour), and let’s give a big “Thank You” to Trumpet GrrrlCultured Productions, and Laurie M. Taylor. Really really loved working with you all and so thankful I got to be a part of THIS …

I want to share with you my absolute favorite site:  It’s “Katelyn-Approved” recipes topped with funny stories. Click below and tell me what you create (and/or screw up completely)!



I tried to make marshmallows out of collagen and almond milk. Note: must use hand mixer, NOT a blender. #Fail

Keepin’ it real; not red,


So I shot my first music video about a month ago and have yet to report about it!

This was the team:

Our wonderful Musical Artist goes by the name Trumpet Grrrl.


Her real name is Cristina and she is so cool to work with.  Really laid back, really talented, andddd she skateboards! This is something I have given up as of March 2012 after a very unhappy crash, rendering me physically useless for two months #NotWorthIt

But props to Cristina for keeping herself safe, happy, and upright while she skates…. with a trumpet! #MultitaskerExtraordinaire

Our production team was Cultured Productions.  Follow them on twitter!  They were so great.  Loved their energy, they had their s*** together, they treated each other and us like professionals.  Here’s a few of them … #Candid!


And I loved their studio space in Brooklyn…



Including this awesome bulletin board they had:

IMG_20131219_150903When it became dark and we were shooting outside, they were totally resourceful lol #GettingCreative


What was my job during this whole shebang you ask?  Dancer! #Hollerr #SoFun
Laurie Taylor, creator of Soul Movement was choreographer as well as fellow dancer.


Here we are rehearsin’ the day before:


A taste of our crazy costumes…


The song is called Rain Boots.  Give it a listen right


….and a download if you want (only 99 cents – can ya believe it?)  :p

So that’s your little photo tour.  Now all we have to do is for the vid to be released.  #Hoorayy

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Oops! I owe you guys a couple posts.

I admit, I got caught up in the show I was doing and let noredlipstick go to the wayside in the meantime. I also sometimes just need a break from all the social media noise (even my own); anyone else feel the same way?


Doesn’t mean we can’t do a lil’ bloggity blog post post today …

So what’s been up! We closed our double bill of Pagliacci and The Circus Princess.  How about a lil’ photo tour of the show? Here goes …

Show sched outside of the theatre

Show sched outside of the theatre. Opening night – December 13! Closing day – January 5!


My array of costumes

My array of costumes


Days were rather long, going from work to performance so I packed for the whole day. I'm also a stellar cook so it's a no brainer :p

Days were rather long, going from work to performance so I packed for the whole day. I’m also a stellar cook so it’s a no brainer :p

Live on stage! Spoiler alert - Canio kills his wife.

Live on stage! Spoiler alert – Canio kills his wife.

Fellow cast member, Catherine, and I became fast friends.

Fellow cast member, Catherine, and I became fast friends. We were also dance captains together.

Actually there were a lot of friends to be made. Like this guy right here. Benjamin Bloomfield who played a terrific Tonio.

Actually there were a lot of friends to be made. Like this guy right here. Benjamin Bloomfield who played a terrific Tonio.

Midway through the run, we took a lil' break for Christmas.

Midway through the run, we took a lil’ break for Christmas.


One performance got snowed out. Here's a view from my cozy apartment.

One performance got snowed out. Here’s a view from my cozy apartment.

Little known fact: I had to tape my dress to my body so I wasn't giving a lil show of my own if ya know what I mean ..

Little known fact: I had to tape my dress to my body so I wasn’t giving a lil show of my own if ya know what I mean ..


And then of course there was that purple wig ...

And then of course there was that purple wig …

A final collage of some of the cast backstage (gotta love the shot of the clown ensemble).

A final collage of some of the cast backstage (gotta love the shot of the clown ensemble). Also that stick with the creepy baby head made a debut on closing night. We all tried to incorporate it into as many scenes as possible. Subtly of course …


So there you have it.  Since I’ve been MIA, I’ll get another post out before next Tuesday since I owe ya.  I’ll give you a peek into the music video I shot, so stay tuned amigos!

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It’s that time again … the monthly Blurbs, Blips and Blunders!


lets you in on …
her inspiration,life, & embarrassments!


I’m going to start this month’s blast off with a “way to go, Joe!” A friend of mine, Joe Bellino was mentioned on Playbill.comfor his role as Javert in Les Mes. hollerr.


“A quilt may take a year, but if you just keep doing it, you get a quilt.”
-Chuck Close

Ok, guys. Rehearsals are over. My show, Pagliacci and The Circus Princess with The Amore Opera, is now officially open! We had a rough start (read my thoughts here), but we are soldiering on. For tickets, snag ’em here 🙂

And now, in partnership with the World Wide Web, click the pic for:


On opening night, I forgot to tuck in my shirt and flashed the audience during a handstand. In other news, my mother knocked down an entire display at A.C. Moore .. #ThatsWhereSheGetsItFrom #LikeMotherLikeDaughter

Keepin’ it real; not red,



Ok, so today is going to be all about good deeds!

A good friend of mine and “partner-for-life” (we were scene partners in an acting competition and it stuck).  Here’s a pic of when we were eliminated from said acting competition and it was time to throw away our props:

Anywho! He has his own blog (it’s awesome), and started an Indie GoGo campaign last week that I’m absolutely in love with.

Here’s what he wants to do:

I’ve decided to start spreading the message of saying thank you and leaving that extra dollar for those working in the customer service and/or restaurant industry. I’m going to do this through a fun and neat activity. I have a favorite shop in Chicago where I’m a regular at. I’m going to go in, tip the employees a very generous amount, and then put Christmas cards in all of their stockings – with a gift card to Target inside. 

So great, right?
I saw his video and wanted to get involved right away.
So here’s the funny, charming, lovable Tony!  Let’s get as many people as we can to throw the project a few bucks and help Tony #MakeSomeonesDay.  Did I mention that today is THE LAST day to help Tony reach his goal!?

Spread the cheer 🙂

Oh and here we are at our Salem State graduation 2010

Tony, thanks for reminding us what the season’s all about!

Keepin it real; not red,


Guys.  I am stressed.  Seriously stressed.

I’m in rehearsals for two operas (a double bill) that open December 13th.  That’s ten days away.  And suffice to say, our process is very very behind – as the director said last night, “this is the furthest behind any production in the history of the Amore Opera has ever been.”

Woop de do.
SO glad I’m on board.

I don’t know if I should be giving out all this insider info of stress, but if I didn’t talk about this, I’d just be lying to you all.


I have to make the most of this.  I HAVE to do my best to make my part of the show the best it can be.   After all, the show WILL be good.  Amore Opera has a great reputation (they’ve been reviewed by the NY Times!), our principals have crazy outstanding voices, and the rest of the clown ensemble and I are determined to pull this s*** show together.

So where to begin?  Ok, in the past twelve hours (that’s when crisis mode started), I’ve learned the following:

1. Stressed spelled backwards is NOT desserts.

It’s meditation!  I hadn’t been meditating the last couple weeks, so guess where I was for ten minutes this morning?  In my chair, chanting “one” trying not to let my mind wander too far from the present.  Haven’t meditated before? Emily Fletcher will teach you at this Free Intro to Mediation happening Dec 4.

2. Be of service to the insanity.

This is word-for-word sound advice from a good friend.  Be of service to the insanity.  Make sure your own stuff is on point, but remember that other people are probably even more stressed out and feeling as though they’re in worse positions.  Help them out. I’ve always found that putting your focus on helping others takes your own focus off or your own worries, keeping you from dwelling.

3. Think of the high schoolers.

Is this out of left field? Let me explain. This morning my dad texted me from his substitute teaching position at Plymouth South High School.  The text read: “Subbing a drama class. They are on your web page and love it.”  I thought this was really cool.  I absolutely LOVE hearing that a high school drama class is enjoying the site (even if my dad did have to show them). Plymouth South, thank you for reading!  What show are you working on??

4. Laugh

Ok, I’m not at this step just yet.  But this is a fellow castmate’s approach and maybe sometime soon, I will be there.  And when I am, this is what I’m going to watch to get the giggles going.


Anywho.  This stuff happens in this business (falling behind. Not the goats) .  I don’t think it should; it could be avoided.  I think some of it is attributed to the fast paced environment of good ol’ NYC. I get it, it comes down to money. But I miss the days of long rehearsal processes!  Or at least summer stock, when you put a show together in two weeks, but that was because it was your one and only job and you were in the rehearsal room morning til night with no other responsibilities outside of the show.

Have no fear.  We’ll pull it off.  We always do.

Oh, did I mention we open on FRIDAY THE 13th?

Good grief.

Keepin’ it real; not red,


Totally forgot to post this on Tuesday!  I bring to you (two days late) …. this month’s Blurbs, Blips and Blunders!


lets you in on …
her inspiration,life, & embarrassments!


Bring on the holidays. Jingle, jingle, hollerr.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”
-Abraham Lincoln



I’m in rehearsals with The Amore Opera.  We’re cookin’ up a double bill of Pagliacci and The Circus Princess. I’ll be whipping out some of those old special skills: tumbling, opera (who knew, right?) and clowning. So see my lil clown flip around; order your tickets here 🙂


Did you know that broth (GOOD broth)

  • optimizes nutrient absorption
  • promotes a more efficient metabolism
  • improves skin (no cellulite, ladies!)
  • eases joint pain
  • accelerates post-surgery healing processes

I know, I know. I’m geeking out, but I’ve been broth-obsessed all month after reading a great article called “The Magic of Broth.” Click the soup to get the scoop. Scroll down. Then drink up!

Dear Apartment 1205,
Your door looks strikingly similar to that of the trash chutes’. Sorry.

Keepin’ it real; not red,

I never do film.  I’m theatre all the way.  But my interest is sparked in the medium and every once in a while a short film or a film audition sneaks its way into my life.  And when it does, I go –


I have questions!  These auditions are so different from theatre auditions; I need a little help here.  So I reached out to my Twitter community when I was called in for an independent film and these are some of the nuggets they had to offer:

final twitter

Thanks guys!  Ok, this is great stuff.  I can add it to …

The handful of facts I know about film auditions:

  • Don’t give profile
  • Direct everything towards the camera (sounds so obvious but you’d be surprised)
  • “X marks the spot” (no, not buried treasure – there will literally be an X on the floor.  That’s where you stand.)

And how did the audition go?

I ended up being paired with another film newbie for an improv.  We were given a scenario and then like two minutes to do it.

Things I gathered
(film pros, correct me if what I’ve gathered is wrong):

  • Get there fast.  Our scene didn’t get to the heightened place the director had requested before we began.  I have a background in improv comedy and was on a few long form troupes.  We always took our time to let the scene set up and unfold.  However, time flies in an audition scenario and my gut feeling is just get there faster.  Be deeply emotionally available from the get-go and start off further into the scene rather than the beginning of it.
  • If your partner is not giving you what you need, act as if they are.  This goes against a lot of what I believe.  In theatre, you react off of what you are given.  Complete honesty all the time.  However, I think in film (and this is backed up by something I read in Tony Barr’s Acting for the Camera), if the reader or your scene partner is not giving you enough to work with, react as if they are.

I also love youtubing audition tapes.  Here’s a great one of Rachel McAdams for The Notebook.  She is so there.

And that’s all, folks!  Ok, film actors – time to speak up.  Leave your advice to theatre actors like me in the comment section!

Keepin it real, not red;



I had an interesting experience this past Friday night.

I had submitted myself for a casting call.  This was the breakdown:

Amore Seeks Circus Performers for its Holiday Spectacular

Amore, an arts organization performing in the East Village, is seeking circus acts for its holiday extravaganza double-bill of Pagliacci and The Circus Princess.

Jugglers, unicyclists, magicians acrobats, contortionists, clowns and any other non-flying big top acts are sought to add style and atmosphere to the production(s).

Ok, I can’t contort or unicycle (that’d be ridiculous!) but I do have a background in gymnastics and as I’ve told casting directors in the past, feel free to throw me through the air as I’m sort of physically fearless (ok, this is a bit of an overshoot; threaten to put me on a snowboard and throw me down a mountain to my bloody, icy death and FORGET. IT.)  But overall, I’ve been looking to capitalize on some of these lil’ old special skills we have slapped on the bottom of our resumes.  I can tumble, baby!  And that’s more than most NYC actresses can say.

This would be a “yes.”

This would be a hard “no.”

So I self submit.

And I hear back (my new headshots are working!  Thank you David Noles!)

A friendly little email voice called Iris told me they could probably use me and they’d get back to me later in the week with details.  Days later, I receive an email stating:

Dear Singer/Dancer

If you haven’t yet confirmed your audition time for tonight, please do so as soon as possible.


This was the first I heard that auditions were tonight.  “Shoot,” I thought (in my mother’s preferred word choice – no actually my mother’s first preferred word choice would be “oh darn.” #SoCute)


“Sh**!” I thought “I’m working tonight and I can’t switch shifts this last minute.”

Then good news came.  I emailed Iris and she informed me they’d be there until 10pm.  Great – I can make it.  But I was still in the dark about what they wanted to see.  It wouldn’t be a monologue – they want a circus act after all.  There was no question in my mind it would be a movement call, considering the breakdown.  I shoot Iris another email.

An hour or so later, I arrive at work.  I’ve got a headshot/resume and movement clothes.  I see that Iris has responded to me with tonight’s audition details:

Sing us a song that shows your voice and personality.


I expected cartwheels.

So I’m at work.  I only have movement clothes.  Nuthin’ cute.  I don’t have my book of songs.  I haven’t sung a note since March.

I was suddenly in a conundrum:

Oops, The Clash just got here…


It’s a conundrum.

  • Do you show up unprepared but at least you showed up?
  • Or do you quietly back down since you’re not bringing the best version of yourself to the table?

I don’t know where I stand on this.  But with this particular situation…

I chose to go!

I show up – last one of the night.
I keep my jacket on to hide my workout clothes underneath.
The director looks at me weirdly when I have no sheet music to give to the accompanist.
I tell them I’m going to sing a cappella “if it’s cool.”
I think this might be ridiculous but I just do it anyway.
When they decide they like me and sit me down to chat, I admit I was completely confused about what this call was for and I came here to be a circus performer.

And somehow, because New York City makes SO much sense… I get cast.

So hooray.  I’m very excited.  I don’t know how I pulled it off.  Maybe it helped I wasn’t prepared because I took the pressure off of myself, shared who I was and allowed them to make the decision (that’s what auditioning is about after all isn’t it?)

But I won’t let this one lucky experience be a cop-out when it comes to prepping for auditions.  My next theatre audition is for The Flea and I’ve been doing a whole bunch to prepare for that, including hiring a private monologue coach.

I suppose it just proves that each experience will be different and must be taken as just that – an experience.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation?  What’d ya do??

Keepin’ it real; not red,


I spent my afternoon yesterday at the New York Theatre Workshop’s “Mondays at 3.”   This is something they do every Monday during the fall and winter and it’s open to the public.  Really cool.  You should go.

Yesterday they read Fernanda Coppel’s Sinaloa Cowboy.  The play was really good.  Amazing poetic language that didn’t try too hard and still came off conversational, great thematic topics, clear messages, unique and meaningful relationships among the characters.  It’s a well-crafted dark comedy that I’m genuinely excited about and can’t wait to see it continue to grow and develop.

Ok.  Good.  That’s great news.  I had a highly enriching day.
But my name is Katelyn Collins so awkwardness slithers its way into many of my days (if not, life just wouldn’t be complete!)

So what made yesterday totally awkward for me … or rather why did I make yesterday totally awkward?

Let’s talk about mailings.

Mailings or “Sending Ships” as I like to call them is the monthly marketing method I use to stay on my target list’s radar.  It’s something a good amount of actors do and the “ships” we send are usually in the form of postcards, headshot/resume combos, one sheets, castability sheets.  Here’s an example of my castability sheet I just crafted:

Other than the typos, I’m pretty proud of it (yeah, don’t look too carefully.  I mean, hey I didn’t. Womp womp.)

So pretty much, I send this along to casting directors with a note that says hello, what I’ve been up to, and that I “hope all is well” or tell them to “have a great month.”

I’ve started a one-way conversation with these folks that I’m trying to build a relationship with.  A one-way conversation.  And it usually stays that way, at least in reference to mail.  It’s not like we’re pen pals or anything.  They’re not going to write back or anything like that.  It’s like I’m the Chinese-food delivery guy sliding unsolicited menus under the casting director’s door.  He steps on them when he gets home that night, picks them up and throws them in his junk drawer.  He sees my smiling face plastered above the won-ton chicken.  He might cast me one day.  He might order the crab rangoon.  He sees me.  But I don’t see him ..

Until one day.  I go to slide my menu under his door and he … OPENS IT.
Or in this case, I go to “Mondays at 3” at the New York Theater Workshop and he’s …. THERE AS WELL.

Oh my god.  Actual human interaction?

Doesn’t seem so difficult.  However, I still manage to struggle with it.

I mean, who can blame me?  Honestly, don’t you admit it’s a little weird to send stuff to people on a regular basis, having no idea if they’re even really receiving it, and then having to see them in person, realizing that they either:

1. Completely recognize you
2. Don’t have a clue as to who you are

Do I acknowledge these mailings?  Do I introduce myself and say, “hello my name is Katelyn Collins; I bombard your inbox on a regular basis.”  Do I introduce myself and not mention these mailings whatsoever?  That would be weird.

Oh wait.  No.  You know what would be weird?

Making eye contact with said casting director (in this case Jack Doulin) from across the room, pausing a moment, and awkward half-smiling.


Awkward, right?

Welp, that’s what I did.

Hey! Don’t judge! It’s confusing knowing what to do ALL the time.  I’m lucky enough to feel prompted to even grace my face with one of these awkward half smiles in the presence of Jack Doulin.  He semi knows of my existence.  I’ve had two auditions with him, one seminar, one phone call, and a few run ins at the Einhorn School of Performing Arts.  Yet, today I felt the need to merely extend a smile (well, halfway.  Then my face stopped).

I dont’ care!  I get shy sometimes if I feel like it matters.  And I don’t hate myself for it.  Someday ol’ Jack and I will be besties.  In the meantime, I promise you that next time I see Jack Doulin, I’ll go talk to him.  HAPPY? 😛

Keepin’ it real (awkward); not red,